In addition to the Shetland sheep, we have beautiful grass-fed Jersey cows that are milked in our dairy barn. We delivered the milk to a local creamery that mixes it with sheep milk and turns it into cheese.  We have a few Angus beef roaming around and a couple of KIKO goats for brush control.  We have guard llamas that watch over the sheep in addition to a couple of livestock guardian dogs.  Cap is our farm dog/border collie.


Our sheep and jersey cows are animal welfare approved by A Greener World.

While we are a grass-fed operation, Mother Nature has a way of challenging us.  A drought, followed by an extreme drought which meant limited hay for feeding our animals in the winter.  The next year, lots and lots of rain.  This meant that once again our hay was not the best quality.  One of the values of shetland sheep is that they thrive on less than ideal pastures and hay.   The Jersey cows receive grain to help with their nutritional needs.  

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